Testimonies and reviews from parents

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Testimonies and reviews from parents

Thank you to parents and pupils for taking the time to let us know what you think about us.

The school is a hidden gem. My daughter has absolutely flourished during her time so far. The teachers are kind and nurturing and have bought the best out of her in all areas. She skips into school each morning and couldn’t be happier!’

Thank you so much for all your kindness and patience with my son – he’s happy and doing brilliantly academically. We’re delighted! Thank you

Huge heartfelt thanks for all you have done for my children over the past four years.  You have given us such a wonderful start in the world of education and we are so grateful. The boys have loved being part of your class – you are such a talented teacher, we will all miss you

The staff at the school are warm, friendly and approachable. In addition to the regular written reports and parents’ evenings, it’s reassuring to know that it is always possible to have an informal chat with teachers about what the children are doing at any given time and how they are progressing.

Luke has flourished in his 7 years at Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire. He is leaving the school a confident, thoughtful and well educated boy and has had excellent teaching throughout his time there. We are particularly impressed with the English Speaking Board that the children do every year – the high standard that they all reach and the confidence it gives them to stand and talk and read in public is very impressive.

My daughter has had a wonderful 7 years at Windrush Valley Prep School, which has given her a fantastic start to her education. The school combines the best features of a rural primary school with the breadth and opportunity of an independent preparatory school.

Small class sizes, great leadership, teachers and staff members plus a well rounded curriculum have made this the best choice for our son who joined the school last year. We have registered our young daughter for this school as well, we wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Thank you Windrush Valley Prep School!

Once again, thank you for all the support you have give my daughter, husband and myself over the past 6 years – very enjoyable years! Our daughter has blossomed since being at Windrush Valley School and it was the best move we have ever done.  So with many thanks, we wish you all a fond farewell to all you wonderful, caring people at Windrush

We previously had 4 children in Windrush Valley School, our eldest moved on to secondary school. Our next child our third moved also moved on to secondary. Our youngest child in now in Year 4 and Windrush, all having been their since Nursery. One of the aspects of the school we value most highly is the sense of community and belonging it provides for both the children and their families. It is small enough that the children all know each other and as a result, the older children interact with and look after the younger ones.

The school’s approach to learning has firm traditional foundations yet incorporates a wide variety of additional experiences, including trips abroad, local and national sporting competitions, extended-day activities and curriculum enrichment week. For our family, Windrush Valley Prep School achieves the right balance of challenge and support, in both academic and non-academic pursuits, to help us in raising positive, confident and well-rounded children.

With children in Year 2 and Year 4, our experience of Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire has been well above our expectations. The school promises to offer affordable, independent education based on traditional values, it does this and so much more. The experienced teaching staff, are hard-working and hugely approachable, they appear to give your children their undivided attention. The small class sizes undoubtedly allow the teaching staff more time to care for each child whatever their ability, and the structure is flexible enough to support children requiring additional help.

Thank you for helping me through the years! These eight years have been great, I will definitely send my kids there. Can’t wait to see you again

Windrush Valley Prep School provides the children with opportunities at every stage to build and develop their self-confidence. This starts with Show and Tell in the Nursery, and goes all the way through school, including English Speaking Boardmusic and theatrical productions, presentations to the class and whole-school assemblies – to name but a few. This is enhanced by a strong emphasis on manners and courtesy.

Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire has provided both my children with an excellent solid academic foundation on which to build – whilst the majority of good schools should provide this, Windrush Valley has instilled in my son and daughter, an excellent work ethic, the correct morals and perfect behaviour (most of the time!). This coupled with outstanding pastoral care and the knowledge my children’s physical and emotional welfare is a priority, has resulted in a primary education that I believe would be extremely hard to be bettered. Thank you is not sufficient.

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire. He has always looked forward to every day of school. We believe he has been nurtured into a confident and able pupil by the excellent teaching staff. His natural gifts have been recognised and expertly encouraged in all subjects

We are new to the school and I can’t tell you how much our child is flourishing at Windrush Valley. Best decision we ever made.

Our son joined the school at the start of Year 3 – it is fair to say he had settled in by lunchtime on the first day! His academic progress has surpassed our expectations and he has had numerous opportunities to represent the school in sport and music. The pastoral care at the school has been outstanding – a real extended family environment which as fostered a caring and confident child ready to enjoy the challenges of his next school.