Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire – Year 4

Mrs Maudsley

(Head of Pastoral Care)
Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire

Academic Studies

English and Maths continue to be taught on a daily basis. The core objectives are based on the National Curriculum with each child being set individualised targets to meet their academic needs. The focus in English continues to be independent writing, introducing and using a range of sentence structures and grammar concepts. Spelling sessions consolidate the expected standard and understanding of the Year 3/4 common exception words and spelling patterns and rules. Whilst the children continue to develop their comprehension skills, the use and identification of inference becomes a stronger focus as the year progresses. Children are encouraged to work with greater independence and take risks in their learning journey. Science and Geography are taught on a 2-year cycle and are taught in conjunction with the Year 3 class.

Performing Arts/Art/History

Performing Arts continues to develop the children’s confidence to speak publicly and work collaboratively. Rehearsal for the annual school play is a key event in these sessions along with the highly regarded English Speaking Board examinations. The children continue to explore and use a range of media in Art and develop their creative skills through a range of activities. History is taught by Mr Hone, the History specialist teacher and independent study and project work is introduced as the year progresses. 

Sport – Games/PE/Swimming

Sport continues to play a key role in the Year 4 timetable and the children move to swim on a Friday morning with the rest of Key Stage 2. Two sessions of Games provides the children with the opportunity to develop further, their skills and understanding of rules in a range of sports. As the children enter Year 4, a greater number of competitive fixtures are available to them with National competition and inter-school fixtures featured each term.

My World

My World lessons support and develop the social, emotional and well-being of every child. The lessons consist of a combination of the PSHE curriculum and the RE curriculum. Each child is taught to value and respect one another and celebrate differences and strengths, developing self-esteem and a positive growth mind-set.

Educational Visit

In Year 4 the children have the opportunity to join the school’s annual residential to either France, Holland or the UK. These residential’s provide a wonderful experience where the children are able to develop independence and for some, encounter an extended period of time away from home. The residential provides an opportunity to experience an insight into the culture and history of different regions and countries and also experience the fun attractions it has to offer.


Year 4 homework is set in a variety of subjects to broaden the scope of experiences children have. To ensure we do not lose the development and progress in core skill learning, we request that all children have a regular reading time at home. Homework will be set every Friday and returned the following Thursday, unless directed otherwise. The children will also receive weekly spelling and tables tests which will take place every Friday.