Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire – Year 4

Mrs Maudsley

(Head of Pastoral Care)
Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire

School to Home

Year 4 homework is set in a variety of subjects to broaden the scope of experiences children have. To ensure we do not lose the development/progress in core skill learning, we request that all children have a regular reading time at home. Homework will be set every Friday and returned the following Thursday, unless directed otherwise. The children will also receive weekly spelling to learn from the National Curriculum lists and will be tested every Friday.

English homework is also sent home to reinforce the previous weeks lessons. All questions are to be copied into their homework books not on the sheets. This is the same for maths homework. As well as these the children also have multiplication tables to learn and are tested on Fridays along with their spellings.

Academic Studies

This term Year 4 will continue working on the four operations in mathematics (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplications and Division) learning the different strategies they can use to solve calculations. We will also be developing skills in working out 2 step word problems linked to the four operations. Later on in the term we will also be recapping on fractions and reinforcing the children’s ability to work with fractions and units of measure.

In English we alternate weeks with the Ginn 360 comprehension program and the Focus on Literacy scheme. Ginn 360 is based on guided reading sessions where we share texts, discuss the text which are then accompanied by short written and oral activities. Focus on literacy is a similar program where we share a piece of text, discuss and share thoughts on it before completing the relevant activities linked to the shared text.

However, with Focus on Literacy there is a larger written element to it. The children as asked to create pieces in the style of the text they have read.

We also have a timetabled slot for a specific grammar lesson each week. These lessons develop the children’s learning in correctly using grammar and punctuation within their independent writing tasks.

Performing Arts/Art/History

The children will be finalising their performance for the Spring/Summer production of Joseph. Rehearsing songs and roles within the play. This is taking place at Chipping Norton Theatre.

Also this term we will be learning traditional country dances for our May day celebrations. We will continue to perform individual class assemblies where we share stories and songs based on a wide range of cultures, traditions, morals and tales. The culmination of all our achievements will take place at Prize Giving where we will showcase, celebrate and reward all the wonderful activities and progress made throughout the year.

During this term Year 4’s art topic is Rainforests, which links in with our Curriculum Enrichment week topic. We will be studying the art of Henri Rousseau as well as other rainforest tribal art. The skills learnt here will be painting through diorama, applique for tribal molas.

Year 4’s Re topic is Islam, more specifically their rites of passage. Here we look closely at the 5 Pillars of Islam. And in History we are looking at the Anglo-Saxons and carefully linking this to the Conservation Centre where the first clearing of the Royal Wychwood Forest had Anglo-Saxon settlers.

Sport – Games/PE/Swimming

The summer term is a busy term for Year 4, with preparations taking place for our annual sports day and swimming gala. We will continue weekly swimming sessions at Kingham Hill School and our games sessions will focus on athletics. We will develop the skills in both field and track events and work towards achieving an English School’s Athletic Award.

My World

Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire Year 4 will continue to work alongside Year 3 this term and our focus is the World of the Bee. We will be exploring habitats, perform bee counts, investigate the anatomy of a bee as well as the role they play in pollinating and plant survival. . Alongside this topic we will be completing  mosaics for display at Prize giving and preparing the vegetable garden ready for seeds to be sown.

My World takes place on a Tuesday afternoon and goes into extended day

Educational Visit

Throughout the term the children go on several educational school trips and participate in our Curriculum Enrichment Week which educates and inspires.