School productions

Drama, music and public speaking are one of the foundational elements of building self-esteem, self confidence and creative expression. Our annual school productions are universally recognised for their high standard of production and performance. Young children begin their acting career with the traditional nativity in the local church, supported by the cast of the whole school. As well as performing, children are regulatory involved in the production of stage props and back-stage logistics. 

Older children in Forms 3 and above enjoy performing in a full stage production each Easter in a major whole school production of a popular musical. In addition to school productions, all children regularly play in the school band, perform in musicals on stage, compete in public speaking competitions and sing in the choir.

In recent times, pupils have also participated in the Chipping Norton Music Festival and the English Speaking Board in which pupils recite a poem from memory, read a passage from a favourite book and prepare a talk on a topic of personal interest. We challenge pupils to reach beyond the norm, instilling resilience, independence and self-esteem.