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Windrush Valley Prep School

Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire – school life

Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire teaches children to grow into positive, responsible people who can work and co-operate with others. We do this through planned activities within a nurturing, supportive and positive environment which promotes learning, personal growth, and development.

School days are geared around our small class sizes, currently averaging 14 pupils. This means your child receives one to one attention from our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. Our curriculum is designed to provide access and opportunity for all our pupils. Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire aims to identify pupils with additional or more complex learning needs early in their school careers, to ensure that appropriate learning can be applied.

The core school day runs from 9am to 3.30pm and includes; literacy, language, mathematics, science, technology, human & social, sports, art and music. The variety of activities available within the school day reflects the range, extent and complexity of its provision.

For pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire provides a programme of activities which is appropriate to their educational needs in relation to personal, social, emotional and physical development and communication and language skills. In addition to the core curriculum each year, the school organises a Curriculum Enrichment Week which gives the opportunity to study a themed topic outside the regular curriculum. This seeks to encourage a passion for learning and an ability to “think outside of the box”. Children compete in public speaking competitions from an early age, learn to play the recorder, have the opportunity to learn other instruments and play in the school band, and perform in musicals on stage.

All pupils from Year 1 onwards have weekly swimming lessons throughout the school year. An extensive and competitive sports programme enables children to compete at the highest levels; in inter-school, regional and national events, including cross-country, athletics and swimming.

Our ‘hidden curriculum’ covers what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. A very high standard of behaviour is expected at all times throughout the school. Good manners and self-discipline are encouraged through the excellent example provided by adults, parents, visitors and older pupils. All of our pupils are encouraged to become actively involved in maintaining a positive attitude to tidiness, cleanliness and safety as part of their personal and social development.