Private School Fees - Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire

Private School Fees Oxfordshire

Our aim is to make educational excellence available to as many children as possible in the Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire areas (see catchment area). As a result, we are committed to a policy of affordable private school fees. In addition, we have made school fee payment easy, offering a choice of payment methods. Please contact the school office if you need any further information on private school fees.


Fees for 2020-2021

Year       Termly Fees Annual Amount
Foundation Unit £2335 £7005
1 £2435 £7305
2 £2435 £7305
3 £2441 £7323
4 £2441 £7323
5 £2447 £7341
6 £2447 £7341

A sibling discount is available at 2% for the second child and 4% for the third child.


Fees may be paid

  • By cheque, termly or annually
  • By standing order over 10 months
  • By inter-bank transfer
  • The school accepts payment via Employers Childcare Vouchers schemes
  • Children in the EYFS are eligible for the 30-hour government scheme

The following activities, if chosen, are charged for separately:

  • Before school care £8.00 per session.
  • After school care @ £8.00 per hour (minimum charge 30 minutes).
  • End of term activity week @ £40.00 per day (pro rata available).

Pupils entered for external examinations are charged the appropriate fee applicable at the time of entry.

Please note

All regular school and curriculum activities are met through the current fees. Occasional activities arranged to support the curriculum; for example, one-day drama workshops, field trips and visits to museums, are charged additionally to the above fees. They include the cost of admission, specialist tuition and the like, only.

Parents of pupils with special educational needs may be required to pay an additional amount, or be advised to seek additional tuition external to the school, where it is judged that those needs cannot be adequately met through the current fee structure or school organisation.

All school fees are due on the first day of the term to which they relate. There is no remission of fees for reasons beyond the control of the school; for example, illness, family holidays or inclement weather.

Fees are reviewed annually in August.