Values and Ethos

Excellence Starts Here

Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire – Values and Ethos


The values and ethos at Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire are embodied in our school motto ‘Multum in Parvo’. It is a Latin phrase which literally means, ‘much in a small place’. Phrases like these spark the imagination because the phrase itself is a condensed expression that speaks of endless possibilities, inviting the listener to satisfy his curiosity by seeking more.

At Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire, excellence starts here. Future success needs strong and enduring foundations – our aim is to provide a nurturing environment and an enriching curriculum where happy pupils thrive and achieve their very best. We value every pupil, celebrate their unique abilities and recognise every achievement. Children are challenged to achieve their full potential socially, academically and emotionally.

The school’s values and ethos are to prepare pupils to excel as resourceful innovators and leaders of the future with strong communication and problem – solving skills. All children are motivated and inspired to attain individual academic success, combined with high standards of personal behaviour. Considerable emphasis is placed on developing pupils as individuals, encouraging self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. This is achieved by creating a culture of tolerance, resilience and compassion.

Our mission statement is underpinned by the school’s core values of tolerance, resilience and compassion. These drive our approach to the curriculum and are embedded into our learning programmes and school routines. We are committed to making the pupils in our care feel ambitious, valued and respected – ready for their future.

Windrush Valley Prep School consistently:

  • Promotes the highest standards of inter-personal relationships
  • Provides high quality teaching and resourcing
  • Gives regular and positive feedback to children
  • Establishes attainable expectations for behaviour and social conduct
  • Provides clear avenues for progression
  • Sets individual goals for work and performance
  • Provides individual support to promote effort and progression.

In this way all children achieve their full potential and move to the next stage of their education, equipped with all the requisite skills and abilities, together with the all-important confidence necessary for further success.

Central to the successful achievement of this philosophy is the high quality of leadership, care, and professional competence demonstrated by all staff employed by the school.