Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire – Year 3

Mrs Emma Sandiford



Academic Studies

The children will follow the schools Maths and English programmes throughout their time in Form 3.  We follow the Target Maths programme.  In English we follow the Ginn 360 reading scheme as well as Focus on Literacy.

Performing Arts

Form 3 join in with the singing and performing at our annual Harvest Festival, as well as the Key Stage 1 Nativity.  They have an opportunity to perform in the Key Stage 2 Easter production where they learn songs and dances.  All pupils have an opportunity to play a musical instrument of choice in music lessons.


Form 3 have the opportunity to take part in a variety of competitive individual and group sports including football, tag-rugby, netball, cross-country, athletics and swimming.  Form 3 have weekly swimming lessons at Kingham Hill School and take part in an annual inter-house swimming gala in the Summer term. Covid restrictions are currently in place however for swimming.

Geography and Science.

Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxford Year 3 join Year 4 once a week to participate in Geography and Science lessons.  In Science we are learning about digestion and the digestive system.   In Geography we are concentrating on map work and from November will be ‘following’ the Vendee Globe Around the World yacht race.  We are even receiving a special tracking device from the Vendee Globe team in order to see where each yacht is and the progress they are making. This will also help us learn about the different seas and weather conditions in different parts of the world.

Topic Studies

During the Autumn term, the class are introduced to Prehistoric Britain and look at the Stone Age in detail.   We then move on to the Greeks and how they changed the world with their inventions.   In the Summer term, we learn about Roman Britain and how they contributed to our lives today. 

In ICT, Form 3 pupils are introduced to ‘Studio Code’, a coding programme which teaches the the essentials before moving on to the schools’ Lego based coding programme.  Here, they develop their skills in coding and follow projects linked to scientific topics.

In Art, we cover many topics, some of which are linked to our History topics.  The children have access to a variety of mediums from collage and textiles, to paints and pastels.  Some topics covered include Vincent Van Gogh, Celtic weaving and Roman mosaics.  We are starting this term with a special study on William Morris in our Meet the Designer work.


Each week the children are set Maths and English homework to complete. They are given a week to complete it and the work focuses on reinforcing what has been taught in the week.  They also receive spellings and time tables to learn, ready for a weekly test on Mondays and Fridays.