Private Prep School Oxfordshire

We are a Private Prep School in Oxfordshire. We believe that every child deserves the best possible start. With class sizes currently averaging 10, our pupils receive one-to-one attention, and the highest standards of education. We build self-esteem, self-confidence and independence, preparing boys and girls aged 3-11 for a successful future in either the independent or state senior school sectors. Over the last 21 years all pupils have passed their senior school entry examination and attended their first-choice secondary school.

The school is ranked in the Top 50 Best Prep Schools in England by the Sunday Times and has received an Award for Excellence by the Independent School Association. Our affordable fees underpins our commitment to make educational excellence accessible to as many children as possible.

We deliver academic and behavioural excellence. As a Private Prep School we provide an inspiring and stimulating curriculum is delivered within a nurturing, supportive and positive environment, and includes; literacy, language, mathematics, science, technology, human & social, sports, art and music. In addition, adventure trips and foreign residential weeks away, further enrich the curriculum and the children’s life-experience.

All children regularly play in the school band, perform in musicals on stage, compete in public speaking competitions and sing in the choir. Our sporting pedigree has resulted in children competing at the highest level in swimming, athletics and cross country. For the last 10 years, our pupils have competed at a national level at the Independent Schools Association championship.

Our catchment area covers Oxfordshire  and parts of Gloucestershire.

If you want to give your child the best possible start – excellence starts here. Private Prep School Oxfordshire.

Organisation and Planning

Private Prep School Oxfordshire – Windrush Valley Private Prep School undertakes its planning in three distinct phases – long, medium and short term. The school’s academic year provides the core organisational structure for the entire planning model, enabling where possible, for topics to be organised on a half termly (approximately six-weekly) duration, each broadly following published NC models. This facilitates continuity and progression of pupils’ learning, the sensible deployment of equipment, staff and resources across the school, and provides for appropriate forward planning of the budget.

At Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), an inter-disciplinary topic approach to curriculum planning is adopted, with an emphasis on coherence and coverage of the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals, to ensure progression in all curriculum areas. The school supports the principle that young children learn best through small class sizes and a combination of play and their engagement in well-planned structured activities. Progression to compulsory education is supported by the completion of the Foundation Stage Profile.

At Key Stage 1 greater emphasis is placed on the core subjects, which are taught separately. There is an integrated approach to the Foundation subjects, allowing teachers the opportunity to plan subjects around themes as opposed to discrete subject based topics.

At Key Stage 2 all subjects are taught discretely according to published schema to facilitate the introduction of specialist teaching and examination-based curricula.


Private Prep School Oxfordshire – Long term planning

This is the school’s structure of which topics to teach and when, across both non-statutory and statutory phases of provision, in each subject, across the entirety of the school. It commences with the Nursery aspect of the Foundation stage and extends to include Year 6 at the end of Key Stage 2. Individual teacher input at this stage of the planning model is minimal, it being the main preserve of senior staff.


Private Prep School Oxfordshire – Medium term planning

Medium-term plans give clear guidance on the objectives and teaching strategies for each topic, by year group and term. Most of this detail is provided in both the teacher planning books of published schema and also in NC guidance material. Whilst individual teacher input is minimal at this stage, in terms of modifying or amending the detail, considerable expertise and knowledge is necessary to ensure coverage of content, and progression of pupils’ learning through the detail. Occasionally, teacher expertise is required to provide the entire programme, particularly in non-National Curriculum subjects, or where published guidance is not available.


Private Prep School Oxfordshire – Short term planning: schemes of work

This involves the transfer of information from the previous stage into the specific or closely defined group of objectives for each class and individual pupil targets. It usually involves planning for individual or perhaps a small number of lessons at any one time. These schemes of work consider the ages, aptitudes and needs of all pupils, including those with an EHC plan.

At this stage teachers’ skill, knowledge and expertise are essential in converting published schema into meaningful and interesting lessons that successfully provide incremental progression of learning and ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to learn and make progress. Details of individual teacher’s planning are recorded in personal Teacher Planning Records.

Predominantly, single strand resources are used throughout the school to aid continuity of planning and recording of progress.  Also, by using a similarity of resources for extension work, the same advantages are available when planning differentiated extension and support work for children with additional learning needs and material for those able and gifted children requiring work of a more challenging nature. Please proceed to Private School Oxfordshire for further information.

School ethos


Our motto

Multum in Parvo is a Latin phrase which literally means, ‘much in a small place’. … Phrases like these spark the imagination because the phrase itself is a condensed expression that speaks of endless possibilities, inviting the listener to satisfy his curiosity by seeking more.

Our vision

We believe that every child deserves the best possible start. We build self-esteem, self-confidence and independence; preparing our pupils for a successful future in either the independent or state senior School sectors.

Our aims

Strong foundations for the future – Leaders of the future need to be innovative and creative, adaptable yet influential in groups and teams, with strong communication and problem-solving skills. This future success needs strong and enduring foundations. Our School builds this foundation by encouraging and challenging all children to achieve and sustain high standards of individual academic success and personal behaviour; by developing themselves as individuals, and encouraging independence of thought and spirit within a climate of personal responsibility and regard for others.

Our School consistently:

  • Promotes the highest standards of inter-personal relationships
  • Provides high quality teaching and resourcing
  • Gives regular and positive feedback to children
  • Establishes attainable expectations for behaviour and social conduct
  • Provides clear avenues for progression
  • Sets individual goals for work and performance
  • Provides individual support to promote effort and progression.

In this way all children achieve their full potential and move to the next stage of their education, equipped with all the requisite skills and abilities, together with the all-important confidence necessary for further success.

Central to the successful achievement of this philosophy is the high quality of leadership, care and professional competence demonstrated by all staff employed by the School.