Essential Information for Parents

Access the Essential Information for Parents document by clicking here. This document offers insights into the operational procedures of Windrush Valley Private School. It is designed primarily for parents of new pupils, providing comprehensive details on the following topics:

  • Key contact information
  • Organisation of the school day (different for each year group)
  • Collection and drop off
  • Class teacher information and location of class
  • Extended day activities
  • Wrap around care
  • Lost Property
  • School uniform
  • School equipment
  • What to do if your child is ill
  • Medical Information
  • Games and PE days
  • Swimming information
  • Lunch and snacks
  • School trips
  • School/Home communication
  • How we send information to you
  • Curriculum related meetings
  • School events and celebrations
  • Assembly
  • Curriculum Enrichment Week
  • Residential Experience
  • Instrumental Tuition, Music and School Band
  • Policy Documents
  • Emergency contact
  • School Office hours
  • Reporting to Parents and parents evenings
  • Activity Week
  • Holiday Requests
  • Homework


Medicine for Adhoc conditions

Should you need the school to administer medicine to your child during the course of the school day or when on a trip (e.g. Antibiotics or Travel Sickness Medication), please complete our Google Form granting permission; Windrush Valley Private School Permission to Administer Medicine. All medicine must be handed in directly to the School Office.


Term Time Absence Request

There may be an occasion when you need to request absence for your child to, for example, attend a medical appointment, an entrance exam, senior school visit or special family event. All such absences must be pre-approved by the Headteacher. Please complete and submit a request form to the school office: Windrush Valley Private School Absence Request Form.