Hear what our pupils have to say

Our pupils share their experience of school life 

Pupils at Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire talk about their experience at the school and share some of their favourite aspects. We ensure our pupils receive the highest standards of education so that they achieve academic excellence. In addition, we nurture and develop behaviours of self-esteem, confidence, social and communication competency and leadership. 

Hattie and Edward from Year 6 talk about their experience at the school and share some of their favourite moments. Hattie particularly likes it when new children come into the school. In addition, she talks about the close connections and friendships she has established. Edward talks about the benefits of attending a small close-knit school, away from an urbanised environment.

Rory and Leo talk about their “incredible” experiences at the school. They specifically talk about the residential trips overseas to France. The boys also talk about their enjoyment of the school’s performing arts stage productions and how Rory landed a key role, as king, no less!

Bella and Maxine talk about their numerous favourite moments they have had at the school. They specifically talk about our regular curriculum enhancing day trips. On this occasion it was to Shakespeare’s Birthplace. They also share how they enjoyed getting to know everyone.

Samantha and Imogen share their enjoyment of playtime and the fun they have with their school friends. The connections and bonds the pupils establish at the school are vitally important for all pupils. 



“I’ve enjoyed so many things about the school. It’s educational, fun and inspiring to be here”

“I enjoying learning new things every day. I particular value the friendships and connections made with my classmates and everyone at the school”

“The teachers are great”

“I’ve learned so much at school and I have had the opportunity to represent the school at various sports, so proud”

“My favourite teacher, all of them!”

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