Prep School Oxfordshire – Nursery and Reception

As a prep school, we prepare boys and girls between the ages of 3-11 for a successful future in their parents first choice secondary school. Our class sizes currently average 10 pupils. This means your child receives one-to-one attention from our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. Delivering academic excellence, building self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. Nursery and Reception are important foundation years. Therefore, we create a positive, supportive and nurturing environment in which the young children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn can thrive.

Giving children the best possible start, starts with Nursery and Reception.

Our Nursery and Reception teachers are Mrs Katy Lockyer and  Mrs Emily McGurk and are assisted by Mrs Susan Hickman (Teaching Assistant – Nursery). All have many years experience of early years foundation stage (EYFS) teaching.

We understand how important it is for parents to receive regular feedback on how well their child is doing at school. Therefore, Mrs Lockyer, Mrs McGurk and Mrs Hickman work closely with parents, and they provide daily feedback and progress updates on your child. In addition, we provide more formal feedback opportunities at regular intervals.


School to Home

The communication between parents and teachers in the Foundation Unit is key throughout their time with us.

We send a weekly news bulletin for parents to keep informed with the day to day running of the unit.

When the children are able, we will start to send home a small amount of reading and decoding with your child. We ask parents to record any reading that is done at home.

We have an open door policy in the Foundation Unit and parents are free to come and speak to any member of staff where appropriate.

Prep School – Academic Studies

At our Prep School, the children start their journey in Nursery where they are introduced to Jolly Phonics. This is a reading and writing program that continues through to Year 2.  Pupils in Reception are given letter formation worksheets which are linked to class handwriting lessons, before moving on to our reading scheme. 

We also introduce the children to numbers and shape recognition. This is continued from Nursery and into Reception. The children use a mixture of hands on games and activities and worksheets to help with their learning.

Foundation Unit pupils have a dedicated sports coach providing their PE lessons on Thursdays.  Phonics and Maths are enhanced by the use of our bespoke outdoor learning area.

We follow a topic based curriculum and have a three year program to allow for any children who might be with us from a young age not to repeat topics. We have topic lessons twice a week.

See a copy of the topic planning below.

Prep School – Foundation Unit Topic Plan

Foundation Unit Topics 3 Year Cycle

Updated September 2020



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Autumn Term 1 

Colours of the Rainbow



Autumn Term 2 


Polar regions


Spring Term 1

Cultures From Around The World

Transportation (Let’s Move)


Spring Term 2 




Summer Term 1 



People Who Help Us

Summer Term 2 


Under the Sea