Curriculum Enrichment Week

Activities and Events

Curriculum enrichment week

Each year, Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire organises a Curriculum Enrichment Week to encourage children to “think outside of the box”. The children are given an opportunity to study a themed topic outside the school’s regular curriculum.

A fun week packed with activities and events is delivered, more often than not, outside the usual classroom environment and with different teachers. Groups involving children from across the age range are formed to allow older and younger children to study together. After they have concluded their studies, the week culminates with a whole school presentation of the work produced during the week. During these presentations we encourage every team member to take a part in presenting their studies.

The week seeks to encourage a passion for self-learning as well as providing valuable experience of working with others to achieve a desired goal. In addition, the older children within the groupings are encouraged to take a leadership role and to learn our working together benefits all. These types of activities, along with others that we run throughout the year at the school, also help to build self-esteem and confidence. This is just one of the numerous activities we run at the school that not only develops our pupil’s academic excellence but also their behavioural and social excellence too.

The pupils are initially guided by the teachers in terms of subject matters that will be covered. After this initial guidance it is up to the children to reach a consensus within their teams on who will study and research the particular aspects of the subject. Themes are varied with topics that include science, art, music, literature, history, geography, technology and social studies. Pupils are also encouraged to think about new ways to present their findings to others. Ways that educate and create interest.

Windrush Valley Preparatory Oxfordshire has an outstanding track record of performance, education and the enjoyment of school life experienced by our pupils. For more information about our school and our planning of our pupil’s education, activities and social development, please click the following link: Private Prep School Oxfordshire.

In addition to the Curriculum Enrichment Week, the school arranges two residential trips per year: a 3 day activity in the United Kingdom for Year 6 during their last term at school, and a week either abroad or in the UK for Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6 early in the new academic year. Previous trips have included visiting Holland, France, York and Edinburgh. Residential and adventure trips enable children to develop self-esteem and confidence and enjoy different cultures and languages – further enriching the curriculum and the children’s life-experience.