Amongst our annual events and activities to celebrate the arrival of springtime, Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire crown a May Queen. The Queen is chosen at random from Year 6. Supporting roles, selected from all other Year groups, include ceremony Attendants and a Crown Bearer, who traditionally presents the crown to the Queen. Normally, the school takes over the local village hall which the children decorate with flowers. The afternoon celebrates the arrival of spring which includes music from the school band and recorder groups, special performances and country dancing. Finally, parents, grandparents, friends, pupils and staff enjoy a cream tea. It’s a joyous celebration, one that is greatly enjoyed by the children.

Despite the current circumstances, there was a determination that this year’s event would take place. Therefore, undeterred by lockdown, pupils, parents and staff participated in a virtual May Queen event. The Queen is usually crowned by the longest serving parent. Luckily, this year’s longest serving parent was actually the May Queen’s mother, so we were able to keep with tradition. The family celebrated at home with a cream tea, decorated a beautiful bower and held their own coronation.

Throughout lockdown we’ve recognised the importance of not only maintaining academic excellence but also the need to protect and nurture existing friendships between pupils and carry on school traditions. In addition. we’ve focused on team spirit, and the sense of everyone pulling together.

Thank you to all pupils, parents and staff for your commitment and hard work in making this virtual event such a success. I would particularly like to thank:

ImeYear 6 – The May Queen
AvaYear 6 – Attendant
LucindaYear 6 – Attendant
FreddieYear 6 – Attendant
TabithaYear 5 – Attendant
GraceYear 4 – Attendant
AvaYear 3 – Attendant
MatildaYear 2 – Attendant
PhoebeReception – Attendant
FreddieNursery – Attendant
Rory – Crown Bearer

Thank you,
Mrs Douglas, Headteacher.
Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire.