Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire and our sports day. As lockdown restrictions began to ease, competitive sports returned to the school with our inter-house sports day. Keeping within their bubbles and maintaining social distancing rules, that meant groups over thirty remain two metres apart, the whole school was able to compete. In addition, all events were conducted outdoors on the school’s sports playing field.  

Competition and results

Pupils competed in teams for their House with points being awarded as follows:

First place = 4 points
Second place = 3 points
third place = 2 points
The rest = 1 point

The Foundation Unit (Nursery and Reception) took part in several events which included a running race, balance a bean bag on their heads (which is often tricker than it sounds), balancing a tennis ball on a tennis racket, a skipping race, and an obstacle race.

Year 1 to Year 6 took part in a comprehensive set of competitive track and field events. The track events included a sprint race, a hurdles race, a distance race, and team relays. The field events included cricket ball throwing or shot putt, javelin or vortex throwing, and standing long jump.

The winning team

Victor and Victrix Ludorum cups were awarded to under 8’s and over 8’s pupils who won the most points for their house. Overall, it was a close competition which saw numerous outstanding team and individual performances. However, there could only be one winning team and that winning team on the day was Cheviots House. All medals, cups, and trophies are to be awarded at Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire’s prizing giving event.

Thank you to all pupils, teaching staff, support staff, and parents that made this sporting event possible and the continuation of the school’s sporting heritage and outstanding track record.