Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire – Year 1

Miss Shirley

BTec (National Certificate in Childhood Studies)

School to Home

This year the homework will be set in a variety of subjects to broaden the scope of experiences children have.  To ensure we do not lose the development progress in the core skill learning, we request that all children have a daily reading time at home.  Homework will be set every Friday and returned the following Thursday, unless otherwise directed.  The children will also receive weekly spellings to learn from the Jolly Grammar scheme and will be tested every Thursday.  If there are any concerns with homework then please do not hesitate to contact Miss Shirley to discuss.

Maths homework sheets are sent home to reinforce the week’s previous teaching.

Academic Studies

The principle focus of mathematics in Year 1 and continuing into Year 2 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. This will involve working with numerals, words and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), including with practical resources (for example, concrete objects and measuring tools).

Year 1 will continue working on the Jolly Grammar (Book 1) – ready to start book 2 on entry into Year 2. Ginn 360 will continue, and Children will be working towards individualised targets, which are reviewed on a regular basis.

RE/PSHE/SMSC – Windrush Valley Preparatory School Oxfordshire

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1PSHE
Working well together
Our wonderful world
Caring for myself
Special Places
Keeping Safe
What did Jesus teach us?
Year 2Other people are special tooWhy we give gifts at ChristmasCaring for othersEaster beginningsLooking forwardSpecial books

Autumn 1 / Year 1
PSHE Working well together

Autumn 2 / Year 1
RE Our wonderful world

Spring 1 / Year 1
PSHE Caring for myself

Spring 2 / Year 1
RE Special Places

Summer 1 / Year 1
PSHE Keeping Safe

Summer 2 / Year 1
RE What did Jesus teach us?

Autumn 1 / Year 2
PSHE Why we give gifts at Christmas

Autumn 2 / Year 2
RE Caring for others 

Spring 1 / Year 2
PSHE Caring for others 

Spring 2 / Year 2
RE Easter beginnings

Summer 1 / Year 2
PSHE Looking forward

Summer 2 / Year 2
RE Special books

Performing Arts

The year includes preparations for Harvest Festival, Nativity play and May Dancing.  The children will continue to perform individual class assemblies where they share stories and songs based on a wide range of cultures, traditions, morals and tales.  Throughout the year, they will learn songs from Sing Out songbooks.  The culmination of all our achievements will take place at Prize Giving where we will showcase, celebrate and reward all the wonderful activities and progress made throughout the year.

Sport – Games/PE/Swimming

This will be a busy year, the children will be develop the skills of hitting, throwing and catching and most importantly, learning how to work as a team.  The games sessions will focus on Tag Rugby, Football, Indoor Hockey, Netball, Cross Country running, Athletics, and Rounders.  In Athletics, we will be developing skills in both field and track events and working towards achieving a school’s athletics award and Sport Day.

The Year 1 children will start swimming every Monday at Kingham Hill School – working towards our annual swimming gala.

The extended day activities include: Yoga, Crafts, Non-cook Cooking, Conservation club, Chess, Debating, Football and Indoor Hockey.

Our World

Years 1 and Year 2 will work together during these lesson on a 2 year plan.

We will be exploring habitats and animals found in the local area and in contrasting localities in the wider world.  We will be exploring and building a range of habitats, learning how to protect them, discovering food chains in our immediate environment and in oceans and rainforests.  We will be exploring the wide range of pond life found and exploring microhabitats.


Cycle 1 2019/2020Cycle 2 2018/2019
AutumnHarvestOur Environment
SummerIdentifying animals and my bodyGrowth and Survival

Cycle 1 2019/2020 / Autumn

Cycle 1 2019/2020 / Spring

Cycle 1 2019/2020 / Summer
Identifying animals and my body

Cycle 2 2018/2019 / Autumn
Our Environment

Cycle 2 2018/2019 / Spring

Cycle 2 2018/2019 / Summer
Growth and Survival

Educational Visits and School Trips

Educational Visits and School Trips Visits will be arranged in line with the topics and Curriculum Enrichment week.