As the first half term unfolded in Nursery and Reception at Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire, it was marked by a tapestry of growth, discovery, and lively engagement. The children, both in Nursery and Reception, embraced the daily routine with enthusiasm, and in doing so, they embarked on a journey of essential skill development.

In Nursery, the focus on foundational skills was evident. The children delved into the world of phonics, eagerly learning the first six phonemes: ‘s, a, t, i, p, n’. Songs echoed through the classrooms, and the children practiced letter formation with zeal. The vibrancy of phonics spilled over into the Art area, where imaginative creations like slithering snakes, apple prints, and teddy collages emerged.

Mathematics became a joyful exploration through songs and repetition, fostering a solid understanding of numbers and colours. Sorting activities brought the concepts of size, colour, and shape to life, with seasonal elements like conkers and leaves adding a touch of autumnal delight to the Maths area.

The Reception class celebrated significant progress in phonics, confidently navigating through the first 26 phonemes and venturing into the world of simple CVC words like ‘cat, hat, sit, rat, tin’. As the children embraced digraphs, the challenge was met with creative strategies—Jolly Phonics songs, collaborative reading, and whiteboard exercises.

In the realm of mathematics, the Reception class engaged in explorations of object attributes, understanding type, color, size, and amounts. The concept of weight brought a sense of balance, as the children discerned between lighter and heavier objects.

A delightful journey unfolded through the ‘All About Me’ topic, where family photos and confident discussions revealed the unique stories of each child’s family. Transitioning seamlessly into the wonders of Autumn, the children explored nature, collecting treasures and reveling in the changing colours of leaves and falling conkers.

The captivating story of ‘Little Red Hen‘ became a focal point, offering an immersive learning experience. Through role-playing, the children stepped into the characters’ shoes, deepening their understanding of the narrative’s nuances.

As Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire reflects on this vibrant first half term, the growth, creativity, and joyful learning of the Nursery and Reception classes stand as a testament to the nurturing environment that encourages every child to flourish.