Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire today announced that it has installed the very latest in Smartboard technology. The interactive flat panel displays are located in classrooms throughout the school, enabling teachers to provide a more immersive and engaging learning experience.


The benefits to pupils

  • Increased involvement, self-confidence, and expression skills
  • Engagement is immediate thanks to the vivid, quality sound, and multi-touch-screen interactivity
  • Powerful software provides our teacher with almost limitless lesson planning possibilities
  • Teacher and pupil collaboration is brought to a new level. Different pupils or pupil/teacher combinations can work together in real-time

Mrs Amanda Douglas, BA(Hons) QTS, Headteacher, commented, “The school has an outstanding track record of delivering academic excellence. Over the years, this has been achieved through a continuous investment in people, training, and technology. The introduction of the latest Smartboard technology means pupils have an excellent opportunity to enjoy games based learning and interactive activities. Teaching staff are thrilled with the new technology and have found that it enhances lesson delivery and improves pupil engagement.”