As the final term of the academic year draws to a close, the Year 6 pupils at Windrush Valley Private School are taking a moment to reflect on the incredible journey they’ve had. From exciting adventures to remarkable accomplishments, this term has been filled with memorable experiences that will leave a lasting impact.

The term began with an exhilarating trip to Barton Hall in Devon – a true highlight of the year. For a few action-packed days, the children were immersed in a range of activities, from high climbing and abseiling to paddle boarding and even rifle shooting. Beyond the thrills, the trip provided a unique opportunity for teamwork and bonding in a different environment. Pupils pushed their limits and surprised themselves with their newfound abilities.

The latter part of the summer term continued to bring excitement, with the swimming gala and sports day igniting the class’s competitive spirit. Each race was a testament to the pupil’s determination and commitment, all while striving to earn house points for their teams.

Curriculum Enrichment Week offered a departure from the usual timetable, allowing Year 6 to delve into the fascinating world of biomes. The week kicked off with a captivating visit to Bristol Aquarium, setting the stage for the exploration of desert biomes. Creating their own desert biome in a jar, researching desert-dwelling animals, and engaging in creative art projects enriched their understanding of these unique ecosystems. A highlight of the week was the thrilling encounter with exotic animals – an experience that even saw some brave souls holding a snake!

The Year 6 Leavers Assembly was a truly heartwarming moment as the children showcased their creativity and camaraderie. With questions entirely of their own devising, the assembly reflected their growth and sense of ownership in their learning journey. The celebratory Leavers Party at Chipping Norton Lido added a touch of fun and nostalgia to the mix, reminding everyone that sometimes the simplest pleasures, like cheesy chips, bring the greatest joy.

Looking back on the year as a whole, Year 6 has been a force to be reckoned with. From their immersive World War I Living Museum and unforgettable French Residential Trip to exploring the cosmos at the National Space Centre and dazzling performances in the school production of Alice – The Musical, their accomplishments have been remarkable. The resilience, enthusiasm, and determination they’ve demonstrated throughout the year have prepared them well for their transition to secondary schools.

As the summer holidays beckon and new adventures await, the Year 6 pupils bid adieu to Windrush Valley Private School with a sense of pride and accomplishment. With memories of challenges conquered and friendships forged, they are ready to embark on the next chapter of their education journey. The school community wishes them the very best and encourages them to embrace every opportunity that comes their way.