As part of Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire’s enhanced curriculum, we offer pupils in Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6, the opportunity to take part in residential trips overseas. Staff from the school accompany the children and ensure thorough safety and safeguarding procedures are always followed. These foreign trips, and the various UK trips that we run throughout the academic year, are designed to broaden the children’s learning, outlook, and independence.

Our latest trip was to France, where we stayed at the Chateau du Baffy, Normandy. The trip began with an early start on Monday 10 October. Despite the early start, the children were excited and eager to get going. So we departed from Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire at 5:10am. After a few hours we were through Eurotunnel and in France where we stopped for lunch. We arrived at the Chateau around 7pm, just in time for a fire drill and then dinner. The evening’s entertainment was Football in the dark!

The next morning, after a good night’s sleep, we headed to Mont-Saint-Michel to explore the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey. We accessed the Abbey via the Grand Degré, a staircase of 350 steps. The children enjoyed watching the staff try to hide their exhaustion as they neared the top of the staircase. After experiencing the Abbey, it was back down the stairs for lunch on the beach, before heading back to the Chateau late afternoon for dinner and quiz night.

Wednesday started with a trip to the town of Bayeux, where we went to see the Bayeux Tapestry, the 70 meters long embroidery which tells the story of the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy in 1066. We also visited the David Hockney art exhibition which is in residence at the Tapestry Museum. After a picnic lunch we visited the Bayeux Cathedral which is thought to have been the original home of the Bayeux Tapestry. Later in the afternoon, we went to Arromanches-les-Bains where the children learned more about the D Day landings. It was then back to the Chateau for bingo night.

Thursday started with a trip to Caramels d’Isigny where the children learned about how caramels are made. It was then off to Chevrerie de Mesnil, a goat farm where the children had a guided tour of the farm, learning about how the goats are cared for, and how goat’s cheese is made. It was then back to the Chateau for the ‘Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire France Trip’ talent show.

Friday already and it was time to depart for home. We set off around 7am. En route we visited Chocolaterie de Beussent to watch how chocolate is made, and of course how it tastes! We eventually arrived back at the school at 7pm where parents where waiting to collect their weary adventurers.