Year 3 at Windrush Valley Prep School has been a whirlwind of excitement and learning, and the children have risen splendidly to every challenge thrown their way! Let’s take a delightful journey through the vibrant experiences and achievements that have filled our classrooms and playgrounds.

One highlight of this term has been the introduction of the new White Roses maths scheme. Described as interactive and practical, it has proven to be a fantastic tool for reinforcing foundational concepts before delving into more profound mathematical explorations. The interactive nature of the program has brought numbers to life, making learning a dynamic and engaging experience.

The enchanting world of story writing has captivated the young minds of Year 3. From magic carpets to invisibility cloaks, the children have woven tales that spark the imagination. A special mention goes to those who poured their creativity into the 500 words competition, showcasing not only their storytelling prowess but also their ability to express ideas with flair.

In the realm of literature, the group reading sessions have been filled with the delightful adventures of “The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark.” The students have not only immersed themselves in the story but also engaged in reciprocal reading, exploring comprehension through insightful questions. These sessions foster not only a love for reading but also critical thinking skills.

Venturing into the world of science, Year 3 has delved into the mysteries of the digestive system. Discussions on carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores have brought the animal kingdom into the classroom. Practical learning reached a delicious peak when the children compared and contrasted different types of teeth, even crafting their own versions from clay. Learning has truly come to life through hands-on experiences.

History lessons took a scrumptious turn as the children recreated Stone Henge, not with stones but with biscuits! This engaging activity not only taught about historical structures but also encouraged higher-order thinking skills, turning the classroom into a hub of creativity and learning.

The school Assembly was a source of pride as the pupils showcased their clear and confident speaking skills. These abilities are not just for show; they are invaluable as preparations intensify for the upcoming English Speaking Board (ESB) assessments. The enthusiasm and dedication evident in these preparations promise stellar performances in the weeks to come.

Sports have been a dynamic part of the curriculum this term. Fitness-building skills have been honed, with energetic sessions preparing students for the Inter House Cross Country race. The athletic spirit has extended to honing skills in hockey, football, and tag rugby, with eager anticipation for showcasing these talents in upcoming match plays.

As the term unfolds, Year 3 at Windrush Valley Private School continues to be a hub of learning, creativity, and achievement. The children have not only embraced the challenges but have turned each one into an opportunity for growth and exploration. Here’s to the adventures that lie ahead in the rest of the academic year!