As the academic year comes to a close, Year 1 at Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire reflects on a half term filled with unforgettable experiences and remarkable growth. From engaging trips to Cadbury’s World to exploring rainforests during Curriculum Enrichment Week, the children have embraced every opportunity to learn, discover, and create.

One of the most exciting highlights of this academic year has undoubtedly been the school trips, with the visit to Cadbury’s World standing out as a favourite among the Year 1 pupils. The trip provided a delectable experience as the children got to taste melted chocolate and learn about the visionary George Cadbury. Joyful laughter echoed through the rides, making the day both educational and fun-filled.

Curriculum Enrichment Week was a burst of creativity and learning as the children immersed themselves in the enchanting world of rainforests. Exploring the lush vegetation, vibrant wildlife, and captivating ecosystems, the students embraced the diversity of the rainforest. Alongside the exploration, they indulged in creative craft activities that allowed their imaginations to soar.

Year 1 pupils have also expressed their enthusiasm for all aspects of their learning journey. In history lessons, they have delved into the past, uncovering intriguing facts that have brought history to life. Meanwhile, in science classes, the children have eagerly explored the wonders of gardening, experimenting with plants and understanding the magic of nature.

The children also showcased their dedication and passion in various events, including their first swimming gala and Sports Days. With unwavering determination and teamwork, they gave their best efforts, making the school community proud of their achievements.

As the academic year comes to a close, Year 1 is filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation as they prepare to transition to Year 2. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are commendable, and the Windrush Valley Prep School community is thrilled to witness their growth and development.

The unwavering support of dedicated teachers, supportive families, and a nurturing school environment has laid a strong foundation for Year 1 students as they move forward on their educational journey. Each child’s unique talents and interests have been encouraged, ensuring that they have the confidence to pursue their passions and succeed in every endeavour.