The Year 3 class at Windrush Valley Private School has had an absolutely fantastic half term, filled with hard work and exciting adventures both inside and outside the classroom. The children have shown their incredible musical talents as they dedicated themselves to practicing for the May dancing and singing performances. Year 3 truly is a class brimming with musicality and enthusiasm!

One of the standout highlights of this term was the class trip to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. Nowell and Headteacher, Mrs. Douglas. The children were captivated by the array of artifacts and exhibits, with each memory etched in their minds. Joshua couldn’t contain his excitement as he exclaimed, “I loved all the different games and the jewels.” Martha was amazed by the realistic Wax Mannequins, while Mimi’s fascination with the skeletons left a lasting impression. This extraordinary experience brought the history lessons to life, giving the children a genuine taste of Roman times.

Another memorable outing was the visit to the Black Country Museum, where the Year 3 class delved into the fascinating world of Victorian times. The children gained a deep appreciation for the hardships endured by coal miners, realising the arduous nature of their work in the darkened caves for up to 12 hours a day. They also stepped into an authentic Victorian classroom, where they experienced the strict discipline enforced by a stern Victorian teacher. This eye-opening excursion left a lasting impression on both pupils and teachers alike, providing invaluable insights into the past.

Back in the classroom, the children delved into various subjects with enthusiasm and curiosity. In geography, they explored the captivating wonders of the Rainforest, delving into its unique ecosystem and discovering the diversity of life within. Science lessons focused on solids and gases, allowing the pupils to understand the properties and characteristics of different states of matter. These engaging topics sparked their imaginations and fostered a love for learning.

Sports played a significant role in this term’s highlights, with the Year 3 class achieving remarkable success. The under 9s team showcased their skills and determination, making it to the final at the Windrush Valley Football Tournament. Their exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship were commendable, representing the school with pride and enthusiasm.

As the half term comes to a close, we reflect on the incredible achievements and growth of the Year 3 class at Windrush Valley Private School. Their dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm have truly shone through in all aspects of their education. The supportive and nurturing environment provided by the teachers has played a pivotal role in their development.

Looking forward to the next term, we anticipate even more exciting adventures, educational experiences, and opportunities for personal growth. The Year 3 class is filled with bright, curious minds ready to explore new horizons and embrace the joy of learning. With their determination and the unwavering support of their teachers and families, we are confident that these young learners will continue to thrive and achieve great things.