Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire – Year 3 Activities

Year 3 at Windrush Valley Private School in Oxfordshire has had a productive and exciting half-term with a range of activities across different subjects. In Geography, the pupils have been exploring mountain ranges and their formation, as well as different types of mountains. They have also revised tectonic plates and the layers of the earth, further enhancing their understanding of the world around them.

Science has been an illuminating subject for Year 3, with the pupils continuing their exploration of light and dark. They have conducted experiments with a light box and investigated the uses of retro-reflective materials and how they keep us safe. This has been a practical and engaging way to learn about light, its properties and how it affects our daily lives.

In History, the pupils have continued their journey through the Stone, Iron and Bronze ages with Mrs Nowell, and have now moved on to the fascinating topic of the Ancient Greeks. They have been learning about the mythology, culture, and achievements of this great civilization.

In maths, Year 3 has been focusing on number patterns, bonds, word problems, and completing column method work in multiplication, addition, and subtraction. The children have shown great dedication to learning their timetables, which is evident in their improved accuracy in arithmetic work. The teachers encourage parents to continue supporting their children in this area during the half-term break.

PSCHE has been an important topic for Year 3, with a focus on Money Matters. The pupils have learned about the importance of credit and debit cards, as well as the difference between luxury and necessity purchases. This has helped to develop their financial literacy and understanding of money management.

In English, the pupils have been exploring grammatical terms such as pronouns, nouns, adjectives, prefixes, suffixes, and the present perfect tense. Creative writing has been a fun way to apply these skills, with the pupils exploring space using adjectives, creative language, and careful structure. The teachers have also been impressed with the pupils’ comprehension skills, evident in their weekly written comprehension tasks and guided reading sessions.

Handwriting has been a focus for Year 3, with the majority of the class now able to write neatly joined handwriting. Many pupils have been awarded pen licenses, which is a testament to their hard work and dedication to improving their skills.

Overall, it has been a fantastic half-term for Year 3 at Windrush Valley Private School. The pupils have displayed great energy, enthusiasm, and teamwork throughout, making it a truly positive learning environment for all involved.