Meeting with parents

Meeting with parents is an important element of schooling. We have an enviable record of both informal and formal methods for keeping parents informed of their child’s progress.

Meeting with parents occurs in many ways Informal procedures usually revolve around the brief, unplanned but essential “chats” at the start and end of school days involving any matter of personal concern; for example, reading books, uniform, lunches, friendships, or feeling unwell. From time-to-time parents will have issues of individual concern which are referred to the Headmaster for resolution following consultation with the teacher and parents.

The range of open and engaging communications with parents includes:

  • The school website has a range of resources.
  • Meeting with parents in the form of parents’ evening occurs twice a year.
  • Each child receives an end of term report at Christmas and Easter.
  • Annual report in July.
  • Weekly email bulletin (each Friday)
  • Year book.
  • Home-School diaries at Foundation and Key Stage 1 (in blue folders).
  • Reading records at Foundation and Key Stage 1 (in blue folders).
  • Homework diaries at Key Stage 2 (in blue folders).