Bake Off was the recipe of the day for pupils at Windrush Valley School Oxfordshire. In conjunction with understanding structure of, and writing instructional texts, Year 4’s homework assignment was to create and then follow a recipe for making a chocolate cake.

The assignment produced some academic masterpieces and an array of truly amazing chocolate cake creations. Although some may have deviated slightly from their written recipe, all pupils created beautifully crafted, handmade, delicious delights.

Bake Off wouldn’t be Bake Off without tasting and voting. The voting was left purely to the children with every cake being sampled, and a score out of 10 given, for both aesthetics and taste. The cakes trickled in throughout the week and there were so many, that they had to be shared with other classes. It seemed very strange that the other teachers ‘needed’ to pop into Year 4 that week, a lot!

The Winner

The competition was a close run thing but there could only be one winner and after all the votes were counted, George was declared the winner, congratulations George your cake was absolutely delicious – it clearly hit the mark with the judges. I am also pleased to confirm that George’s instructional writing also scored top marks.

Thank you to everyone who brought in their chocolate cake creations. However, clearly, some cakes were so delicious that they didn’t make it into school and were scoffed at home!

It was a week at Windrush Valley School Oxfordshire in which everyone became quite accustomed to ‘afternoon tea’ in school. More importantly, the children really enjoyed, and benefited from, the home-school learning experience. All round it was a very busy week for Year 4, but the ample supply of sugar kept the energy levels up. However, teacher, Mrs Maudsley did declare that she would need some extra dog walking activity to burn off the extra calories.