As the academic year came to a close, Year 5 at Windrush Valley Private School embraced a whirlwind of delightful experiences, celebrating achievements, and exploring new horizons. With a blend of creative endeavours and educational excursions, the pupils of Year 5 made the most of their last term, creating long-lasting memories.

One of the standout highlights of the term was the exhilarating smoothie-making activity in Design and Technology (D&T). The children took on the role of designers and makers as they crafted their own smoothies, carefully selecting ingredients and flavours. The process was not only educational but also a lot of fun, with the added excitement of taste-testing each other’s creations. Mrs Douglas, Mr Hone, Mrs Sandiford, and Mr Welch joined in on the tasting adventure. Among the delicious concoctions, Fifi and Matilda’s “Tropical Fruit Smoothie” emerged as the crowd favourite, blending the vibrant flavours of raspberry, strawberry, and mango.

Curriculum Enrichment Week proved to be another highlight, allowing Year 5 to delve deeper into their learning through captivating experiences. A memorable visit to the Bristol Aquarium was a major hit, providing an up-close encounter with aquatic wonders. From Sheila, the largest fish in the aquarium, to the enchanting seahorses and the tunnel that immersed them in an underwater world, the pupils were captivated by the diverse marine life.

The excitement continued with the hands-on project of creating Desert Biomes in a jar. The children took charge of designing their miniature desert landscapes, skilfully incorporating sand, compost, gravel, stones, and twigs. Adding a touch of life to their creations, they selected succulent plants to inhabit these mini ecosystems. The succulent plants even received imaginative names like Patricia, Tima, Jima, Groot, Sucky, Berry, UraL, and King Eric, infusing a sense of personality into their newfound green companions.

Reflecting on the academic year, the Year 5 class showcased their remarkable spirit and enthusiasm for learning. With the support and guidance of their teachers, they have grown academically, creatively, and socially. As they prepare to step into the role of Year 6 pupils, the promise of even greater achievements and experiences lies ahead.

It has been a privilege to witness the growth and development of Year 5 throughout the year. Their camaraderie, determination, and positive approach to learning have made this academic journey memorable and inspiring. As they embark on the next chapter of their education, the Windrush Valley Private School community looks forward to watching Year 5 continue to thrive and excel, leaving their mark on each adventure they undertake.