Windrush Valley Private School’s year 5 & 6 boys’ tag rugby and girls’ hockey teams kicked off the new school year with an outstanding performances during their fixture against Cokethorpe School Oxfordshire. Both teams displayed exceptional teamwork, determination, and skill, resulting in well-deserved victories.

The girls’ hockey team demonstrated their prowess with a convincing 2-0 win. Special recognition goes to Freya, whose exceptional performance earned her the title of Player of the Match. Her skilful play and strategic moves on the field were instrumental in securing the team’s victory.

On the boys’ side, the tag rugby team showcased an impressive display of teamwork, both in defence and attack, leading to a resounding 19-8 victory. What sets this victory apart is the collective effort of all the players, earning them the collective title of Players of the Match. Their dedication and determination on the field were truly commendable.

These triumphs were not only a testament to the talent of Windrush Valley School’s young athletes but also a reflection of the hard work and preparation that took place behind the scenes. The coaching staff, led by Mr Welch and Mr Hone, were delighted with the children’s performances. They expressed their hopes that this level of dedication and teamwork will continue to shine through in future fixtures.

The day will undoubtedly be remembered as a victorious start to the sports season for Windrush Valley Private School. The teams’ achievements serve as an inspiration for all pupils, emphasising the importance of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance both on and off the field.

Embracing the teams’ achievements, the school now looks ahead with eager anticipation to the thrilling fixtures on the horizon. The unwavering commitment and passion exhibited by Windrush Valley School pupils stands as a testament to the nurturing environment provided by the school. Here, young talents are not only fostered but also encouraged to flourish and reach their fullest potential.