Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire – Year 1 Activities

Year 5 pupils at Windrush Valley Private School in Oxfordshire have had a busy and productive term, engaging in a range of activities across different subjects. In English, the pupils have been honing their writing skills by studying story openings, traditional fables, and metaphor poems. They have worked tirelessly to improve their writing by using ambitious vocabulary and developing their punctuation skills, which will serve them well in all areas of their academic journey.

The pupils have also been working hard in maths, revising their formal methods and covering new concepts such as negative numbers and prime numbers. They have enjoyed applying their learning by tackling word problems, working collaboratively with a partner, and developing their reasoning skills.

Science has been a particularly exciting subject this term, with pupils learning about significant scientists and inventors. They have researched the work and lives of Libby Hyman and Stephen Hawkins, and explored fascinating topics such as black holes. This has sparked their curiosity and encouraged them to think critically about the world around them.

The pupils have also had the opportunity to learn about different religions, which has been a highlight of their PSHE lessons. They performed in the church for their class assembly, which helped them to understand the importance of religious tolerance and cultural diversity.

In PSHE, the topic of “Be Yourself” has encouraged pupils to explore their individuality and understand the importance of self-expression. They have engaged in thought-provoking discussions about making their own choices and managing uncomfortable feelings, which has helped them to develop their emotional intelligence and resilience.

The netball and football teams have had a successful term, with pupils showing excellent sportsmanship and teamwork in competitive matches. Their commitment to their respective teams has been admirable, and they have represented their school with pride.

Finally, the pupils are eagerly anticipating their roles in Alice the Musical and cannot wait to perform at the Chipping Norton Theatre next term. This will be a fantastic opportunity for them to showcase their creativity and artistic talent.

Overall, Year 5 at Windrush Valley Private School has been a well-rounded and stimulating experience for all involved, with pupils engaging in a range of exciting activities across different subjects. They have demonstrated enthusiasm, perseverance, and a commitment to learning, and their progress is a testament to their hard work and dedication.