Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire – Year 6 Activities

The Year 6 pupils have returned to school from their half-term break with a packed schedule of learning and activities. In Maths, we’ve been exploring challenging topics like multiples, factors, prime numbers, and long division. In English, we’ve been analysing classic literature, including Shakespeare’s famous “All the World’s a Stage” speech from “As You Like It.” These discussions have been a great opportunity to consider the relevance of older texts to our lives today.

However, our recent achievements aren’t limited to Maths and English pursuits. One of our most exciting projects was the Living Museum, which showcased our learning about World War One. Each student researched a specific aspect of the war and created their own exhibit to present to visitors. It was a great success, with students leading tours and answering questions from classmates and parents alike.

Our Geography lessons have been focused on “Raging Rivers,” where we’re learning about the importance of rivers in our ecosystem. We’re exploring the different ways in which they contribute to our environment, as well as the potential benefits and dangers they pose. Meanwhile, in Art, we’ve been working on entries for a competition, experimenting with different techniques and styles to bring our creative visions to life.

We’ve also been enjoying our sports sessions twice a week, where we’ve been developing our ball skills and improving our teamwork. The chilly weather hasn’t stopped us from striving for excellence and having fun in our favourite sports.

As the term progresses, we’re excited to delve deeper into these subjects and to continue challenging ourselves academically and creatively. We’re looking forward to more engaging lessons in Maths and English, as well as further explorations in Geography and Art. We’re also eager to continue building our skills and camaraderie in sports.