School meals

Children have a choice of school meals. Alternatively, they may have a school dinner or come to school with a packed lunch. Our school meals are fresh, healthy and nutritious. A summary of our school meals policy is as follows:

  • A daily, hot school meal is available for all pupils. School meals are prepared on-site using fresh, locally-sourced nutritious ingredients by Fresh Start Catering. Menus are available by following the link:
  • Three menus rotate each term.  Menus change every term to give the children good variety and a chance to taste different things.
  • Booking and payment must be made through Meal Manager;
  • School meals must be ordered before the deadline (the Tuesday of the week before meals are required)
  • Parents may elect to provide their child with a packed lunch each day, the contents of which remain the purview of parents.  Please remember to include any item of cutlery that this content may dictate.
  • Please inform Fresh Start, the school office and your child’s class teacher if they have any food allergies. An allergy form is available below, and also from Fresh Start’s website and should be completed and returned to school.

Allergy Medical Form

As well as the main meals, fresh vegetables are served with all meals as well as delicious deserts and fresh fruit and yoghurts. In addition, we aim to make lunch times enjoyable, engaging and stimulating.

Menus for the Autumn term are available below:

We are always happy to speak with parents about any aspects of school meals, packed lunches and their child’s specific needs. Please speak with the class teacher or the school office. Meal time is an important part of school days they are also an important part of the children socialising with others that are not necessarily in the class or school year.