Private School Oxfordshire – National Tree Day

It was National Tree Day last week and in true Windrush Valley Private School fashion, we went for it in style.

Hosted by one of our school houses, Cheviot, who coincidentally are usually represented by the colour green, the objective of the event was to raise awareness among the children to the issues of climate change and the environment. They learned more about the importance of plants and trees, and what positive contributions they could make.

In support of Just One Tree, the non-profit organisation that plants trees in exchange for a small donation, the children brought in a donated £1. They could also shed their uniform for the day and come dressed in either a blue or green theme, to represent the planet’s land and sea.

The day was fun and engaging for the children. They also learned more about how they can make a difference in the world. And how small changes can lead to big positive changes.

In addition, they donated an extra £1 to decorate a paper-shaped leaf and to write an environmental pledge. The most popular pledge made was to, where possible, stop buying single use plastic. Once completed, the children’s decorated leaves were displayed around the school.

As well as planting a real tree through Just One Tree, the children also created their own tree art using old copper coins. These coins were also donated to the charity.

The Year 6 Cheviot House Captains and Sports Monitor presented the charity’s work to the rest of the school, explaining how their money would be spent and the importance of trees to our planet.

The day was rounded off by a spot of ‘tree bingo’ and an ample supply of refreshments and cakes, specially baked by the members of Cheviot House.

In other news, Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire is pleased to announce it has, for the second year running, been listed in the Best Private School league table published by The Sunday Times.