Prep School Oxfordshire – Windrush Valley School, has an outstanding track record for delivering academic excellence and preparing its pupils for a successful future in either the independent or state senior school sectors. As a result, over the last 21 years all pupils have passed their senior school entry examination and attended their first-choice secondary school.

As well as delivering academic excellence, the school also provides a range of activities and initiatives that develop confidence, leadership and self-expression. One such activity this term resulted in our Year 6 pupils creating their own museum within the school. Once completed, the museum was visited by parents and other school children.

Nurturing an enthusiasm for learning

Developing an enthusiasm for learning is an important aspect of teaching. One way to fuel this enthusiasm is nurturing behaviours that encourage children to learn for themselves.

Therefore, after this year’s first half term history lessons about the First World War, our Year 6 pupils were asked to choose a topic from what they had learned and to independently develop ways of enhancing their learning about that topic. In addition, they were also set the objective of presenting their findings in a way that would interest and educate others.

After collaborating between themselves they decided the best way to share their learning was to create their very own World War One museum. As a result, they sourced and curated artefacts for their museum which included, old photographs, books, soldier’s uniforms and spent munitions. In addition, they wrote manuscripts depicting what life was like for soldiers in the trenches, and for civilians during a time of war.

Amanda Douglas, Headteacher, commented, “One of the roles of Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire is to set our pupils on the path to a lifelong interest in learning. The museum that Year 6 created was a really creative and inspiring idea.

Setting the right conditions so that children can learn for themselves and to express their findings in creative ways is teaching at its best. Thank you to all staff involved. However, my biggest thanks go to the pupils involved in this wonderful initiative.”