Windrush Valley Prep School Oxfordshire and our Curriculum enrichment week. This annual event helps pupils think creatively about a particular subject. This year’s topic was ‘Around the World in 6 Days’. It involved the children learning about different countries and regions on route, with a particular emphasis on the country’s traditions and cultures.

This fun-packed week takes place outside the normal classroom environment. This means that pupils get to interact and collaborate with different teachers and year groups. However, this year’s event was curtailed somewhat due to bubbles and social distancing rules.  Nevertheless, our pupils engaged with the Curriculum enrichment week with their usual enthusiasm and resourcefulness.

The countries and regions we learned about

Australia – the children learned about its history, main cities, climate, and its Indigenous animal species. Pupils also had the opportunity to have a go at boomerang decorating.

Mongolia – the school hired a ‘ger’ and traditional Mongolian clothes for children to wear. Pupils also emailed a Mongolian child to find out more information about their life. Practical assignments included making a miniature ger.

Canada – the children learned about the vastness of Canada, its climates, and time zones. Pupils also learned about native Indian tribes and made totem poles. The children also printed tee-shirts with the Canadian flag.

Egypt – the children learned more about the building of the pyramids and the pharaohs they were built for. In addition, pupils learned about mummification process and mummied each other in toilet paper.

Brazil – the children learned about the Amazon and the importance of the rainforests. Pupils also learned about the Carnival of Brazil and made carnival masks.

The Arctic – each group had a workshop with Wicked Weather Watch who provide interactive activities for the children to learn how the climate change is affecting the arctic.

West African – the children took part in a dance workshop with Zamble African Dance Company that use dance and drums to help describe West African culture.

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