As we bid farewell to another vibrant term, Year 3 at Windrush Valley Prep School looks back on a whirlwind of learning adventures and creative achievements. From the realms of design and technology to the depths of literature and science, our pupils have embraced diverse challenges and excelled in their pursuits.

In Design and Technology, pupils embarked on an imaginative journey as they delved into the world of Venetian Masks. Armed with creativity and ingenuity, they meticulously planned and designed their masks, pondering over patterns and materials to bring their visions to life. With hands-on sessions, they transformed their designs into tangible creations, honing their craftsmanship and artistic flair in the process.

In English, the children delved into the timeless allure of fables, crafting their own tales rich in moral lessons and imaginative narratives. From whimsical stories of becoming giants to fantastical adventures in outer space, their creativity knew no bounds. The culmination of their literary prowess was evident as three pupils made their mark in the prestigious BBC Five Hundred Words competition, a testament to their storytelling prowess and literary finesse amidst stiff competition.

Mathematics came alive through practical exploration as the children delved into measurement and fractions. From mastering the intricacies of perimeters to navigating the nuances of converting units, they honed their mathematical skills. With a blend of column method work and fractions, they embraced mathematical challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

In Science, Year 3 pupils embarked on a fascinating journey into the mysteries of hearing and sound. Exploring the intricate workings of the human ear and the physics of vibrations, they gained insight into the marvels of auditory perception. Contrasting animal and human ears, they contemplated the wonders of nature’s design, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diversity of life on Earth.

Geography transported the children to the lush landscapes of the Rainforest, where they embarked on an imaginary expedition, planning and packing for an adventure into this biodiverse ecosystem.

In History lessons, the pupils journeyed back in time to Ancient Greece, exploring the legacy of this ancient civilisation and its enduring impact on modern society. From the birthplace of democracy to the realms of philosophy and art, they delved into the rich tapestry of Greek history, gaining insights into the foundations of Western civilisation.