Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire – Rafi and Henry’s Football Match Write-Up

Welcome to Windrush Valley Private School’s latest blog post. Today, we have a special blog post written by two talented Year 5 pupils, Rafi and Henry, who were part of the team that played a football match against Cokethorpe School. In this post, they share their thrilling experience and how our team emerged victorious with a score of 1-0. So sit back, relax, and enjoy their exciting story!

The game was 40 minutes long and was split into quarters, which were ten minutes long. The game started and we got off to a great start and we nearly got an early goal. We nearly scored again but the divot in the ground made George’s shot go wide. Then they had to change to a sub because one of their players got injured.

Cokethorpe’s goalie ran down the pitch with the ball and nearly scored a goal but Lauchlan made a great save so it went over after hitting the crossbar. Then the second quarter ended.

Now it was the third quarter and we made some changes to positions (Henry to midfielder, Rafi to centre-mid, and George.D to striker).

The old goalie made some great opportunities but were easily saved. Then the third quarter ended with the score being 0-0 and we were eager to score a goal.

The last quarter started and we were off to a great start and we nearly scored but it just went wide, and then their old goalie made a run and ended up nearly scoring a goal but Lauchlan saved it easily so it was a goal kick. Rafi sent a flying ball to George.D who crossed it nicely, enabling Fraser to score in the top corner!

George P and Henry made some excellent tackles throughout and were very strong in defence, whilst Max took every opportunity to head for goal.

The match ended and we were happy with a 1-0 win. Then both teams said congratulations and we headed home victorious.