Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire – Learning for Life in Year 3

Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire has had an exciting and busy term, with the school production of Alice the Musical taking centre stage. Year 3 pupils worked tirelessly to learn their songs and embody their characters, resulting in an impressive final performance that left the audience in awe.

Despite the demands of rehearsals and assessments, the pupils managed to keep up with their academic work. In geography, Year 3 explored the concept of coastlands, learning about the various habitats that exist by the coasts and the changes that have occurred in coastal erosion over the years. Pupils also delved into the fascinating world of Ancient Greece in history class, learning about the lives of the Greeks and their cultural contributions.

In Religious Education, Year 3 focused on Sikhism and its beliefs, providing a valuable insight into the world’s diverse religious traditions. Pupils continued to hone their creativity with engaging writing sessions, developing their imaginations to write impressive stories.

Physical education was also a priority, with the pupils practicing and perfecting their netball and football skills. PE is a vital part of the curriculum at Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire, providing students with the opportunity to develop their physical abilities and teamwork skills.

The school takes pride in providing a well-rounded education that incorporates creative expression, academic rigor, physical wellness and behavioural excellence. Pupils at Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire are encouraged to pursue their interests and develop their talents, whether it be through performing arts, sports, or academic pursuits.

The school’s commitment to providing a holistic education is evident in the dedication and enthusiasm of its pupils. Year 3’s exceptional performance in Alice the Musical is a testament to the hard work and passion of the children, while their achievements in academics and physical education demonstrate the school’s commitment to academic excellence and behavioural excellence.

With class sizes currently averaging 12, our pupils at Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire receive one-to-one attention, and the highest standards of education. We build self-esteem, self-confidence and independence; preparing boys and girls aged 3-11 for a successful future in either the independent or state senior school sectors.