Learning Support

In relation to learning support, all pupils are routinely assessed throughout their time in school and appropriate comparisons made with national cohorts in order to measure individual progress. We believe every child deserves the best start. It’s way we run small class sizes (currently averaging 10 children per class). This results in every child receiving one-to-one attention. Our teachers are highly trained and highly experienced and support children individually. 

The aim is to identify pupils with additional or more complex learning needs early in their school career so that appropriate learning support can be mobilised quickly. Appropriate assessment through observations, psychometric and diagnostic testing is utilised to determine specific need and the individual support required. Where necessary, an individual learning support programme will be devised, utilising many elements, including advice on teaching strategies and appropriate materials for teachers (and parents), through to providing an individualised “support” programme.

The Headteacher personally co-ordinates all activities for children with additional learning support needs.

WVS SEND Offer 2021

WVS Provision 2021

WVS ‘A Graduated Approach’ 2021

Children with special educational needs

The curriculum is designed to provide access and opportunity for all children who attend the school. Adaptations to curriculum delivery to meet the needs of individual children are made following full consultation with parents and a detailed assessment of attainment and ability. The school provides an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for each of the children who are on the special needs register. This sets out the nature of the special need, and how the school plans to address this. It also sets out targets for improvement to facilitate the periodic review and monitoring of progress. Where necessary, individual pupils may be referred for external professional assessment according to need. Reports and recommendations arising from such assessments are incorporated into an IEP under the direction of the school’s Special Educational Needs coordinator (SENCo)