Windrush Valley Private School Oxfordshire offers a wide and diverse curriculum. We deliver academic and behavioural excellence. Our goals include creating lifelong learners, to ignite the spark of curiosity, and to develop global citizens that have the potential to be our future leaders and future world-changers.

We believe that pupils should be motivated to find their passions, talents, and continue the quest for personal growth in all aspects of their lives.

Ranked as the best private school Oxfordshire, the school has taken the contour of education beyond the four walls of a classroom, setting a new trend and standard in education. Our teachers encourage an interactive student-teacher classroom environment to help fuel the student’s curiosity and enhance self-discovery. Away-days and adventure trips are also an important aspect of learning. They help to develop self-esteem and confidence, as well as igniting interest and understanding.

One World’ – learning about the world and the environment

The ‘One World’ aspect of our curriculum helps pupils develop an appreciation for the world in which we live. We educate on local, national, and global topics, covering the following areas:

  • Nature
  • Conservation
  • Wildlife Trust
  • Natural World
  • Weather/Climate
  • Global warming
  • Forest school
  • Agro-industry/Farming


Countryside Learning Days

‘One World’ initiative is not all about the classroom. It also includes a variety of interesting field assignments and adventure trips. As such, this month, our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are visiting Cornbury Park, a Cotswold country estate near Charlbury in the heart of Oxfordshire. Hosted by the Estate’s team of experts, the children get unique insights into all aspects of running an Estate, from dry stone walling to deer management, hedge laying, farming, preservation of the local flora and fauna, forestry, and pest control.

More information about the school’s curriculum and approach to delivering academic and behavioural excellence can be found on our website.