Foundation Unit:

This begins in Nursery with songs and jingles to learn and books to look at and talk about.  When Jolly Phonics is introduced it quickly moves to words and books to read to Mummy and Daddy.  Throughout this time, it is also important for Mummy and Daddy to read stories to, sing songs with and learn nursery rhymes together.

For unavoidable school closure during a normal school week, such as winter weather, please click below for additional work/homework.

Forms 1 and 2:

It formalises in Forms 1 and 2 with reading books, times-tables to memorise and spellings to learn.  It is more important to develop a positive approach to homework at this stage than worry about the amount of time spent on homework or indeed the actual task.

Forms 3 to 6:

In Forms 3 to 6 it formalises into specific tasks of English (including reading and spellings), maths (including times-tables) and other subject specific tasks.  Children have a week to complete all work set before end-of-week tests in spellings and times-tables.  All homework is recorded in a Homework Diary and parents should check that these are completed fully.

Homework Timetable Sheet:

Homework Set Homework Due in Weekly Daily
Foundation Unit Monday
Form 1 Friday Thursday New Spellings
Form 2 Friday Thursday
Form 3 Friday Thursday
Form 4 Friday Thursday
Form 5 Monday Friday
Form 6 Monday Friday